Mountain View Judo Club 
             Judo Club Event Schedule

                          ​AND MVJ TEAM TRAINING CAMPS:

Date                                       Host Club                                               Event Type                                                    
​Aug/Sept                   Mountan View Judo                         Club​ Club meeting Actaul date TBD
October 5th               Alaska Judo Inc.                               Fall Board meeting
​October 11th             Ippon Dojo                                        Tacoma, WA​
October 18th             Anchorage DoJo                              Local (Ne-waza only tournament) East High School​
​November 8th           Washington State Judo, Inc.           Continental Judo Crown (Large NW Judo Tournament) (*)
November 15th         Mat-su                                               Wasilla AK​ (Tachi-waza tournament only)
November 22nd        Dallas Open                                      Dallas Open​
​November 23rd         National Event                                  President Cup Irving Texas
December 6th           Mountain View Judo                       Christmas Party​
December 13th          Fireweed                                           Local Tournament​
January 17&18          Training Camp                                MVJ Team Training Camp (including the Friday night Training)
​January 31st              Anchorage Dojo                            Local Tournament​  (NEW DATE now January 31st.)
February 14&15          MVJ                                               Kime No Kata Clinic
February 21st             Mat-su                                            Local Tournament​  XXXXXXXXXCanceled XXXXXXX
March 14&15​​              Training Camp                              MVJ Team Training Camp (including the Friday night Training)
March 21                     UAA Judo                                     Local Tournament​
April 10,11&12                Training Camp                         MVJ Team Training Camp (including the Friday night Training)
April 23                       MVJ                                                Craig Fallon Training at our Club​
April 24&26th             AJI Training Camp                        MVJ Team Training (Mixed with Craig Fallon Training Camp​)
April 25th                    ​Alaska State Championships      Anchorage, AK​ 
April 28                       MVJ                                                Craig Fallon Training at our Club​
May 2nd                      Senior Nationals                           Senior Nationals, Irving TX
May 2nd                      Whitehorse                                    Yukon Open  Canada 
May 2&3                      Whitehorse Training Camp         MVJ Team Training (Mixed wiht Craig Fallon Training Camp)​
June 20&21                 Training Camp                             MVJ Team Training Camp (including the Friday night Training)​

June 26-28                  National Event                              ​USA Junior Olympic Nationals, Irving TX (***)
July 10-12                   National Event                              USJA/USJF Jr Nationals Indianapolis, IN  (**)
July 13-15                   National Training Camp      ​         Junior US Open Training Camp Fort Lauderdale, FL
​July 16-19                   National Event                              Junior US Open Fort Lauderdale, FL  (**)
Nov ​7th                       Washington State Judo, Inc.       Continental Judo Crown (Large NW Judo Tournament) (*)
Nov 22nd                    National Event                              President Cup Irving Texas​ (*)

    NOTE: The more (*) = the higher rated junior national event​ for national points so should be a harder tournament.